Like its forefathers before it, the Yaris GR seeks to inspire the next round of petrolheads to a brighter future; where acceleration, handling & unfailing excitement prevail over the abyss of perverted electro science.

Sam from Seen Through Glass inspired this piece with his Project Biposto series; which to paraphrase, is to modify a Gen 4 Abarth 595 in the style of a 695 Biposto from the generation earlier. 

Lockdown road trips - Driving for distance in two disciplines. If you're like me, all lock down did was increase your want for adventure - waking up every day like Father Jack; "I'm still on that feckin' island!".

What is life like on a modern road rally? A lads holiday on wheels or bewilderingly formal? Well neither actually, what it is [The Rico Rally anyway] in a sentence is bloody good time.

This is a personal blog & site for me, a hobby and somewhere for me to write [badly] about cars & the adventures with them. Cars will be the lions share of the site you however may also see posts about my other passions and projects.